Memories of My Brother

Last photo of Alan and I together  - Summer of 1987
White Rock, B.C. Sand Castle Competition.

In March of 2016, my Nephew Jason Poulin, asked me for more stories about his Uncle Alan who passed away in 1987. I decided to write about Alan and tell a few stories; simply because if I don't record this, it may be gone forever.


Fighting: When Alan was younger, late teens and early 20's, he had a fearsome reputation as a fighter. So much so that few would challenge him. During a fight he was "all in" and completely fearless. Like a cross between a Banshee and a Tiger, he would do whatever it took to defeated his opponent. However, I never saw Alan in a fight - ever. I only learned from what others told me - indicating legendary ferocity. Also, Alan never hit me in anger - not even once in my life. Play fighting with my Brother Alan was something different and hilarious. Alan would use his "Three Stooges" fighting techniques complete with vocal sound effects. I remember play fighting with my Brother and laughing so hard I couldn't fight back.

I did once hit my Brother Alan in anger. Once, when I was 4 or 5 years old (making Al about 9 or 10), he said, "come here Dale - I want to tell you a secret." When I was close, so he could whisper the secret, he spit in my ear. I was so angry, I hit him. Afterwards, Alan called me "Slugger" - which became my nickname. Later shortened to "Slug" as I was called by all my Brothers and Sister (and my Nephew Chris) from then on.



Children: Alan was wonderful with children - they just loved him. Always so funny! So much gleeful laughter from all kids, when Al was there. Never ignored them or was harsh and I do not recall seeing Alan ever hit a child. But what Al was best at was; he paid attention to children. He looked them in the eye when they were talking and listened closely to what they were saying and answered them as if they were adults - no "baby talk." That the answer was usually very funny made it all that much better. Al would introduce his dogs to infants by letting the dogs smell the baby's feet and loudly say, BABY HUMAN!" I learned how to interact with children from my Brother Alan.


Names: Alan could take anyone's first and last name and instantly say it backward. For example: Dale Poulin = Elad Niluop. I don't know how the hell he did this. I think there is an indication of genius level skill involved.


Advice: The very best advice you could ever receive in your life came from Alan. Not only would he give the advice; he would then help you afterwards to carry it out. I decided to switch careers because of advice from Alan - from a Gasfitter to an Insurance Broker. He then lent me one of his cars to get to work and back.


Cars: Alan always drove the most cool cars! This is his TVR (with my 1972 Kawasaki behind at the house on 47th Street). I can remember a 1960 Morris 1000 with a V8 engine, a 1960 Jaguar Sedan and a 1968 Cougar - just to name a few.

    More stories to follow. . .


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