1952 Baby Book "Best Wishes"
A little peek backwards in time for a glimmer of what it was like to have a baby in 1952.

From The Salvation Army's Grace Hospital, Vancouver, B.C.

There are 100 pages in the book. I scanned each page in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) and split into sections. Even though, these are still quite large files and may take while to download.

and. . .  who's baby book is this?

My Sister Danielle gave me four of these Best Wishes baby books in August 2011. My book is in bad condition, so I decided to scan it here. Kevan's is completed like mine; name and date of birth. I'll give Kev his copy when I see him next. The other two books, obviously Danielle's and Tony's, are uncompleted. But I can tell by the publishing date inside who's is who's. We know Mike was born in England. I'm wondering which hospital in Canada was Alan born in?