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Wholesale Canadian Diamonds direct from Canada's Arctic diamond mines. Highest quality Canadian Diamonds at wholesale prices. When how your diamond is mined is as important as its beauty. The only choice is a Canadian Diamond. Canadian Diamonds offered direct from Canada's diamond mines at low starting bid prices. Prepare yourself for a revolutionary diamond shopping experience. No high jewelry store prices or middleman markups are found here. Only the finest quality Canadian Diamonds at Low Starting Bid Prices!

Round Brilliant

Princess Cut

Emerald Cut

Radiant Cut

Oval Cut

Pear Shape

Marquise Cut

Heart Shape


Carat Weight:

Diamond Tutorial:
The Five C's - Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Diamond Cost
Buying a diamonds for that special person in your life is a exciting experience. To get the best value for you money you need to know what makes a diamond valuable. By taking the following diamond tutorials we go through the four c's of buying a diamond. In the industry these are known as a diamonds value factors. The diamond tutorials will teach you about diamond cost and what value factors affect a diamonds price. The Canadian diamond tutorials are designed to teach you the basics of what makes a diamond valuable or the 4 C's. Then probably the most important "C" for the diamond shopper cost is discussed and the factors affecting Canadian diamonds market prices are discussed.

Carat Weight Color Clarity Cut Cost

Canadian Diamonds Story:
Please take the time to read about Canadian Diamonds.


Your new Canadian Diamond will be shipped by insured overnight Federal Express for Free! If you’re the winning Bidder, please contact me within two days & pay for this item within ten days. Thank you!


Canadian Residents pay 7% GST and 10% Excise Tax.
BC Residents pay 71/2 % PST, 5% GST and 10% Excise Tax.
USA Residents do not pay any Canadian Taxes.



PayPal (Preferred - fast, easy and secure)


International Money Order


Certified Check


Sorry, no Personal Checks.


Cash, but at your own risk! (I sure don't recommend that you send cash!)


Sorry, no green USA Postal Orders.

My personal guarantee to you: 
I will deal with you in Good Faith. I will stand behind every Canadian diamond I sell with a 15 day no questions asked unconditional return policy. If by the remote change you are not happy with your purchase, return the item to me and I will return your full payment and even pay for the return shipping charges! For me, only your complete satisfaction is acceptable. It will be my pleasure to leave positive feedback about you, after our successful transaction and I respectfully ask that you do the same for me. I will not leave negative feedback until after complying with all of eBay's guidelines. 

Canadian Diamond Certificate:
Certified Canadian diamonds are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Government of the North West Territories (GNWT) guaranteeing its Canadian origin.

Free Independent Appraisal:
All our Canadian diamond jewelry is accompanied with a independent insurance appraisal. This appraisal is prepared by a third party for the benefit of our clients. This same appraisal can be used to insure your diamond jewelry.

My Canadian Diamonds:
It is only through my association with Canada Diamonds Inc. that I am able to offer you these wonderful high quality diamonds. I don't ever possess, own, or keep diamonds at my home or elsewhere. These items are simply too valuable for me stock. Your lovely new Diamond will be shipped to you directly from Canada Diamonds Inc.

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