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Dale's Outline for a new Aliens Movie.

  • The aliens have made it to Earth and taken over the whole World.
  • 5 billion aliens live on Earth
  • 50 million humans kept in harsh camps for breeding new "hosts".
  • All Men are impregnated by alien embryos at age 20 & die. (After fathering about 50 children)
  • All Women are impregnated by alien embryos at age 45 & die. (After delivering about 20 children)
  • Androids are the camp administrators.
  • Huge fantastic alien nests in old cities.
  • Male aliens have hunting areas stocked with people
  • Female aliens have territorial dominance wars with other females.
  • Ripley arrives from space.
  • Youngsters from a camp rescue Ripley in a male alien’s hunting camp.


The youngster have a friendly, but slightly damaged, android with them who tells Ripley about how the aliens got to earth and how the aliens conquered the world, aided by their alliance with androids – androids had taken control of all earth’s weapons of mass destruction. (endless possible flashback scenes)

Working with camp teenagers, and aided by the friendly android, Ripley discovers the alien’s weakness:

Soda Bicarbonate – Baking Soda. When baking soda is injected into an alien, the baking soda reacts with the acid in the alien’s system and creates an explosion that blows the alien to pieces. (The aliens writhe in incredible agony for a few seconds first)

Armed with baking soda injecting spears, arrows and darts, and after a terrific slaughter of aliens, Ripley, the youngsters, and the friendly android, liberate a camp. (Camps are full of mostly young, good-looking women & about 10% young, good-looking men.

After liberating a few more camps, Ripley leads an army of liberated humans against the nearest huge and fantastic alien nest.

Again there is a huge slaughter of aliens. The Soda Bicarbonate – Baking Soda weapons are like magic, the aliens are defenseless against this onslaught.

Ripley finally confronts the powerful Mother/Leader in the middle of the nest. Ripley discovers a terrible truth. The androids allied with the aliens have used biotechnology to make the alien leaders intelligent; as intelligent as humans. And. . . . The Mother/Leader can talk!

The Mother/Leader asks for Ripley’s help. The androids have become harsh and terrible taskmasters and are threatening to use nuclear weapons against alien and human alike. The aliens will withdraw peacefully from North America if Ripley will help defeat the android overlord: the one android that controls all other androids.

Ripley agrees to the deal.

Ripley’s friendly android can’t be controlled because he’s slightly damaged. With his help, Ripley infects the boss android with a computer virus that turns him into a gibbering idiot. Ripley gains control of all androids.

The Mother/Leader of the aliens keeps the bargain. The aliens free imprisoned humans from the camps. All aliens start leaving North America.

Ripley has one last meeting with the Mother/Leader alien. Ripley tells the alien that there are still many humans imprisoned and used as hosts in other parts of Earth. Ripley tells the alien she won’t put up with this, and a way must be found for all aliens to leave Earth.

The boss aliens just growls and starts to walk away.

Ripley takes a USB Flash Drive out of her pocket – the device that controls all nuclear weapons on Earth, and watches the retreating alien.

The End. . . (or TV series?)

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This story-line is the property of Dale K. Poulin
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