What I didn't say. . . at Ramona's Memorial Service on January 2nd, 2011.

I've known Ramona for about 15 years now - ever since my Wife Catherine and I were first married. Ramona's Father had recently passed away and I remember that both her and her Brother Ed were still quite subdued during a dinner at their Mother Vicky's house in Nanaimo, B.C. back during that time. I remember thinking at the time how good looking they both were. Ed, very handsome and Ramona, very beautiful. They just "shined." I was very interested in the appearance of a Canadian and Philippine union's offspring at that time. I believe that Nature likes it when diverse gene pools get together - we get exceptional Children.

My Family has been together for many good times with the Vadauskas Family over the years and we've all spent many Christmases together - more with Vicky and Ramona in recent years because Ed was in Australia and New Zealand. Vicky is super and I consider Ramona and Ed to be my Friends and always look forward to seeing them.

What can I say about Ramona? On Facebook, I said "Beautiful, healthy and intelligent with an excellent laugh, and always good with our Children." One word that comes to me is, "vivid." Ramona simply shined a little brighter than most people.

Enjoy the photos - please click on the images to enlarge.

r3.jpg (65423 bytes)
Christmas 2004
r1.jpg (41467 bytes)
With a little Angela
r2.jpg (45257 bytes)
Borrowing my PC
Ramona_2.jpg (81493 bytes)
Summer 2006 with
Vich and Ed.
ramona_eddie.jpg (60555 bytes)
2003 with Ed
ramona_fishing.jpg (43639 bytes)
Vadauskas fishing trip
summer2008.jpg (83344 bytes)
Summer 2006 with Catherine, 
Ed, Vicky and Ben
summer2008_2.jpg (84243 bytes)
Summer 2006 with
Vicky and Ben
summer2008_3.jpg (47712 bytes)
Summer 2006 with
Vicky and Ed
summer2008_4.jpg (59603 bytes)
Summer 2006 with
Vicky and Ed
vadauskus_camping.jpg (61055 bytes)
Early camping with
Vicky and Ed
vadauskus_fishing.jpg (55392 bytes)
Vadauskas fishing trip
with Ed and Vic
vadauskus_fishing2.jpg (40840 bytes)
Vadauskas fishing trip
with Vic, Vicky and Ed.
xmas2003.jpg (74386 bytes)
Christmas 2003 with
Vicky, Bobby and Angela
xmas2003_2.jpg (81319 bytes)
Christmas 2003 with Bobby,
Vicky, Angela, Catherine and Dale
xmas2003_3.jpg (71670 bytes)
Christmas 2003 with Dale,
Bobby, Vicky and Catherine
xmas2003_4.jpg (81268 bytes)
Christmas 2003 with Vicky,
Bobby, Catherine and Rommel.
Xmas2007T 030.JPG (69945 bytes)
Christmas 2007 with
Catherine and Ben
Xmas2007T 031.JPG (65135 bytes)
Christmas 2007 with
Vicky and Ben
Xmas2007T 036.JPG (62881 bytes)
Christmas 2007
with Ben
xmas2008 028.JPG (750549 bytes)
Christmas 2007

If you email me photos of Ramona, I will post them here for all to see.

Thanks, Dale

January 4, 2011 - Surrey, B.C.

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